Yabber, yack/ベラベラしゃべる

Yabber, yack
Australian English

To talk, usually used in the context of speaking excessively and without great meaning. To babble on.


Plain English
To babble, blabber or rave.

“When my husband gets on the phone with his mates, he yabbers away all day.”「夫が友人と電話すると、一日中ベラベラしゃべりまくり。」“When my husband gets on the phone to his buddies, he blabbers away all day.”
“No time to stand around yakking, it’s time for work, you bludgers.”「よっしゃ、怠けている連中聞け!だらだらしゃべってんじゃねぇよ。仕事の時間だよ。」“No time to stand around talking, it’s time for work, you lazy bums.”

Strine Dictionary

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