How a Koo Wee Rup-Ture Created the Legendary Aisha the Geisha

Aisha the Geisha in Koo Wee Rup with her favorite sheep, Baaabara.

Becoming a geisha, a practitioner of Japan’s arts in a rigidly controlled, hierarchical society with customs dating back centuries, takes a rare kind of inner strength, and doubly so as a foreigner in a world insular even for the generally inward-looking Japanese.

Aisha adds some Japanese refinement to the ancient Australian tradition of smoko.

A Koo Wee Rup cutie displayed such power after being mercilessly dumped by her Nar Nar Goon goon as she wrenched herself away from the attractions of asparagus farming, booted the Blundstones, rammed the shears and shoved aside all the old cows’ bullshit to create the legend of Aisha the Geisha.
Aisha dedicated herself to embodying Japan’s tradition-seeped, delicate, refined arts where every move is executed with a deft touch, grace of movement and smidgen of coquettishness.

Aisha the Geisha about the silence the lambs….

Yet, learning the ancient arts of seduction didn’t necessarily require Aisha to forget about her roots, or cast down her hoe. Indeed, while trying to woo back her errant asparaguser, Aisha remained ever-adept at cow-patting and spark plugging while using her new-found charms to bring elegance to a typical smoko and display her social conscience by campaigning for geisha cyclists’ rights.
Memoirs of an Aisha tells the compelling tale of an Aussie farm girl’s troubles in Tokyo, providing a light-hearted look at a lass from Down Under’s jolly jaunt in Japan, a land where comedy is taken with earnest seriousness.

Memoirs of an Aisha
Rue Bebelons
267 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
DATES: 26-30 Sept and 1 Oct
TIME: 7.00pm, Sun 8.30pm, Mon 6.30pm (50min)
Full: $15
TO BOOK visit or call (03) 9660 9666
Marc Corley
Melbourne Fringe Festival
Memoirs of an Aisha

Sept. 26 to Oct. 14, 2012
Memoirs of an Aisha Media Release
Melbourne Fringe Festival ’12

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