Month: November 2013

Oz Residents can Win a Free Trip to Tokyo!

One Aussie resident can win two return tickets from Sydney to Tokyo as part of the Destination Japan Campaign.
Entries can be made from the competition website. Entries depend on a supplement that ran in The Australian over the weekend and is copied below.
Unfortunately, the competition is only open to Australian residents and conditions apply. See the respective websites to find out what the conditions are.
Good luck and — if you do win — feel free to get in touch if Kangaeroo can help out.
(Note: This has nothing to do with We simply thought it might be of interest to our readers.)
Competition Website
Visit Japan Down Under (Facebook page)
Destination Japan supplement


GodzillaPlatypus 現代の倍以の大きさだった「ゴジラ・プラッタプス」5百万から1億1500万年の間前に巨大な歯付カモノハシが豪などに生存した、と豪古生物学者が11月発表した。

Obdurodon tharalkooschild

Obdurodon tharalkooschild

 新しく発見した「ゴジラ・カモノハシ」の本当の名前がObdurodon tharalkooschildだ。身長が約1メートルまで伸ばされ、現代カモノハシの約倍。この大きさの差によって学者たちが「ゴジラ」という名前を冗談で付けた。
Giant toothed platypus roamed Australia