Month: September 2014

豪色濃い「EMPIRE」のMiss A in a Bubble豪姫がもしかして世界で最も柔軟な女性?

DSC_0060 (237x340) 今週末まで東京で絶賛演出中「EMPIRE」の豪色が何と言っても濃いだ。

【ルシア・カービンズ(Lucia Carbines)の身体が軟らかすぎると話題に】関ジャニの仕分け∞「新柔軟女王No.1決定戦」
Lucia Carbines EMPIRE by Spiegelworld Interview(英語)
Miss in a Bubble

Japan’s Favorite Aussie is Not Quite Who She Seems

Zawachin, Japan's Miranda Kerr impersonator,

Zawachin, Japan’s Miranda Kerr impersonator,

There’s little doubt about who is the most famous Aussie in Japan nowadays.
Miranda Kerr is everywhere; online, on the box, on billboards, on paper, on glossy magazine covers and, to put it simply, on fire.
But not everything is about Miranda Kerr in Japan is quite like it seems.
Take the photo accompanying this page. It’s Miranda Kerr, right? Er, no. It’s a Japanese impersonator called Zawachin, a 22-year-old performer currently making her break — or, more specifically, making herself up — through a talent to use cosmetics to appear identical to celebrities; as long as it’s only from the mouth up and she covers the lower part of her face with a surgical mask. Nobody ever said things were simple in Japan, but as the pick shows, the resemblance is remarkable.
Kerr apparently had no idea she was being set up on a recent trip to Tokyo when Zawachin was lined up beside her and similarly attired, though as the video below shows, Zawachin’s mimicry was not quite as effective when the lens is taken away.