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Sexism Sells…Aussie Princes and Arresting the Great Japanese Tourist Decline

Japan’s Aussie Prince Campaign website seeking women’s photos of sexy blokes

In this day and age, it would be unthinkable to use taxpayers’ hard-earned money to promote a campaign promising a 1 million yen order-made trip to Australia for a young bloke sending in photos of a sexy member of the opposite sex.
But, when the shoe’s on the other foot, it seems to be all right.
At least, it was until just a few years ago.
For a while in the late Noughties to early 2010s, Tourism Australia worked desperately hard to arrest a drastic and dramatic decline in Japanese tourist numbers.

Japanese Visitors to Australia 2002-2012

Part of those efforts involved a campaign that Tourism Australia conducted in Japan back in 2009-2010. The campaign played on the Japanese homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings) for Aussie (oojii in Japanese) and prince (ouji in Japanese).
The Oojii Ouji Campaign promised a 1 million yen prize to the entrant that provided Tourism Australia with the best story of a visit to Australia. Participants were also asked to send in a photo of an Aussie they’d enjoyed spending time with. The implied wording of the campaign (using “prince” in Japanese immediately implies a Disney-style, good-looking and virile hetero male who can sweep a woman of her feet) and actual use of only good-looking young Aussie blokes to promote the cause in Japan made it fairly obvious the promotion was all about physical attraction.

Aussie “princes” promoting the tourism campaign

The “princes” Australia sent to Tokyo to promote the campaign were Aborigine Prince Warren Clements, Great Emotion Prince Nick Atkins, Wine Prince Brett Stanley, Beach Prince Shannon Eckstein and Sports Prince Ben Tomkins.
Tourism Australia made no secret of targeting women in their 20s and 30s, a gender-oriented promotion they would not be able to engage in back in Australia.
Actually, it makes sense for tourist organizations to target younger Japanese women. They are less likely to be caught in overtime trap, have more of a chance of building up disposable income (especially if they’re living at home) and can be a bit more adventurous.
Ultimately, destiny made the campaign’s timing disastrous. Before the effects of the campaign could be felt, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck and there were far more serious issues to deal with.

The website featuring “Aboriginal Prince” Warren Clements

Tourism Australia has reverted to a more standard approach to promoting the country in Japan, which no longer has the importance for the Australian tourist market that it held when it was sending 700,000-800,000 people a year Down Under from the mid-1990s to the early Noughties. Hordes of Chinese tourists swooping into Australia have made the need to encourage more Japanese to visit a far less critical issue than it was a decade ago.




Kangaroo Scrotums Are the New Victims of Global Warming(英語)

Goanna Girl Drags Reptile from Restaurant

Samia Lila, a.k.a. ‘Goanna girl,’ is a French waitress on a working holiday visa who dragged a goanna from a New South Wales restaurant.

Samia Lila drags a goanna from a restaurant

At first, Lila thought it was a canine intruder.

The goanna frightened diners.

Lila then decided to grab it and drag it out.

“I looked at it and thought it was a dog at first! But then I realised it was a goanna,” Lila said.


Dancing 化粧していると猛烈に怒りを買ったり、基本的に食べたり・飲んだりが嫌がれている日本の通勤電車では絶対ありえない(携帯電話使用が禁じていることを平気で無視されても)!

Japan’s Favorite Aussie is Not Quite Who She Seems

Zawachin, Japan's Miranda Kerr impersonator,

Zawachin, Japan’s Miranda Kerr impersonator,

There’s little doubt about who is the most famous Aussie in Japan nowadays.
Miranda Kerr is everywhere; online, on the box, on billboards, on paper, on glossy magazine covers and, to put it simply, on fire.
But not everything is about Miranda Kerr in Japan is quite like it seems.
Take the photo accompanying this page. It’s Miranda Kerr, right? Er, no. It’s a Japanese impersonator called Zawachin, a 22-year-old performer currently making her break — or, more specifically, making herself up — through a talent to use cosmetics to appear identical to celebrities; as long as it’s only from the mouth up and she covers the lower part of her face with a surgical mask. Nobody ever said things were simple in Japan, but as the pick shows, the resemblance is remarkable.
Kerr apparently had no idea she was being set up on a recent trip to Tokyo when Zawachin was lined up beside her and similarly attired, though as the video below shows, Zawachin’s mimicry was not quite as effective when the lens is taken away.



big-mangoオーストラリアの不思議なキッチュオな町おこしオブジェ「Big Things」のひとつである重さ10トンに高さ約4メートルのBig Mangoが今週一旦盗まれたり、見つけられたりして、これに関連して最終的にさまざまな出来事がチキンチェーン店のPRスタントであったことが26日付で分かった。
 Big Mangoは、豪北部クィーンズランド州にある同国マンゴ生産一ボエンという町に2002年に地域名物を称えるうえに観光を促進するために設置された。
 設置してから2007年にヒュー・ジャックマンニコール・キッドマン主演「オーストラリア」のロケ地となった期間を除けば同町が平凡な田舎町としてやってきたが、今週24日となったいきなり有名な町象徴ひとつであるBig Mangoの姿が消えていた。
熱帯雨林地の美味しい宝物のBig Mango
Big Thingsクイーンズランド州編
Where the Cluck is the Bowen Big Mango?
Big Mango tourist attraction stolen from Bowen has been found
‘Stolen’ big mango revealed as a hoax by Nando’s