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SimonKrugerRooCNN reported globally that a 7-year-old boy lost overnight in a forest near the South Australian capital of Adelaide was saved by a kangaroo.
Simon Kruger, the boy, claims that a kangaroo slept beside him when he went missing overnight.
His father called the kangaroo a “gift from God” that helped keep his son warm in the midwinter conditions.
「息子が温かく過ごせるよう、神がカンガルーを遣わしてくれたのだと思う」 とシモン君の父、エティエンさんがいう。
Simon was found safe and emerged from what could have been a traumatic experience armed with a great story.

*Personally, Kangaeroo has a number of reasons for reckoning this story may be stretching the truth a bit. If Simon’s tale is, indeed, true, then wonderful, but it kept reminding me of this story. 個人的に、考えRooがこの話がちょっと信じがたいところがあるが、シモン君の話が事実であれば最高だと思う。しかし、どうもこの話を思い浮かばせる。

Order for Aussie-Made Skim Milk Results in Kangaroo Delivery

Boxing KangasA Chinese woman irked by the poor reputation of powdered skim milk produced in her homeland, got jumpy when her order of Australian-made milk contained more kick than she’d probably bargained for, not quite a boxing kangaroo, but a boxed kangaroo, according to Japanese news site Rocket News.
Citing Chinese-language news sources Sina news and ET Today, Rocket says the woman from Qingdao, in China’s Shangdong Province, ordered a box of six cans of Australian-made skim milk through an online shopping site, but only two were delivered with the extra space in the box occupied by a live kangaroo.
The kangaroo, which is in good health, was taken into the care of Qingdao zoo officials, but Rocket says it remains a mystery as to why the kangaroo was delivered.
Original Story (Japanese) ネットでオーストラリア製の粉ミルクを買ったら “生きたカンガルー” が送られてきたでござる!?

(Aussie) Black Swans Give (Japanese) Koi Fish a Decent Feed

SwansfeedBlack swans are endemic to Australia and symbolic to the country, particularly Western Australia, where the avian beauty is almost synonymous for anything Sandgroper.
Koi fish, meanwhile, play a similar role for Japan, immediately evoking an image of the Land of the Rising Sun.
This clip could be called a cute view of Australia-Japan friendship.

Ringo’s Ring-in, Awesome Aussie Anime Highlight the Fab Four’s Oz Oddities

Beatles DidjeridooJust as the Beatles created an iconic scene with their 1966 arrival in Tokyo wearing traditional Japanese happi coats, so too did the Fab Four make waves when they toured Australia two years earlier at the height of Beatlemania and establishing a quirky relationship with Down Under at the same time.
Australia’s archetypical Beatles image features the Fab Four standing around while holding didjeridoos, an indigenous Australian instrument that Ringo Starr on the far left of the picture appears to be tackling with greater fervour than bandmates Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison.
It’s a great pic, but the only problem is that Ringo’s involvement in the Beatles’ June 1964 antipodean jaunt had been curtailed by illness and his place at the drums was taken by a ring-in called Jimmie Nicol, whose 11-day stint with the band appears to have created lifelong upheaval. Ringo fell ill on June 3, 1964, just days before the Beatles were due to play concerts in Australia as part of the band’s first world tour. Nicol was quickly roped in to take over and played eight gigs in Ringo’s place until the mop-topped regular could return. His figurative 15-minute stay finished, Nicol returned to obscurity, but not before taking part in the only five-member Beatles news conference ever given, which took place in Melbourne on June 14, 1964, upon Ringo Starr’s recovery and arrival in Oz.

The Beatles with Jimmie Nicol (center) arrive in Sydney in June 1964.

The Beatles with Jimmie Nicol (center) arrive in Sydney in June 1964.

Nicol’s presence was a quirk of fate that started a somewhat left-field relationship with Australia, which surprisingly made the land Down Under an anime superpower then surpassing Japan despite Osamu Tezuka having made inroads into the world’s important markets with his cartoons. And this could be attributed to the Beatles.
Almost unknown in Japan despite running here possibly from as early as 1968, The Beatles cartoon series ran from 1965 to 1969 and was an enormous ratings hit in every country in which it showed. And nearly all of the 39 episodes in the series were produced in Sydney’s Artransa Studios, momentarily making Australian animation production a global leader.
Beatles Cartoon 上映したが今ほとんど知られていないカートゥーンが「ザ・ビートルズ」が1960年代後半世界中に大ヒットした。そして、全39編カートゥーンのほとんどがなんと、シドニーにあるアートランサ・スタジオで制作された。上映した1965年から1969年の間。視聴率が圧倒的に高かったカートゥーンのおかげでオーストラリアが制作のメンではアニメのグローバル・リーダーと言っても過言ではない。
Despite the enormous success of the Beatles’ 1964 tour of Australia, the band never played there again despite coming close in the 1966 ill-fated Far East tour fondly remembered in Japan for the happi coats, but also the scene of right-wing fanaticism that was ultimately instrumental in the Beatles deciding later that year to give up touring for good.

The Only 5-Member Beatles News Conference (Melbourne, 1964)

The Beatles on YouTube

The Beatles in Australia

日豪味深い映画「ウルヴァリン: SAMURAI」の和風ポスター盗難問題

 ヒュー・ジャックマンが主人公、日本が舞台などWolverine日豪味深い映画「ウルヴァリン: SAMURAI」の墨絵風PRポスターが米国では盗まれっぱなしだ、とメルボルンエイジ紙が23日報道した。
The Wolverine, a movie with strong Australia-Japan connections with Hugh Jackman as its star and much of the action taking place in Japan, is being plagued by people stealing its Japanese-influence sumi-e posters, according to the Melbourne Age on April 23.
In a phenomenon similar to that seen in Japan about 20 years ago when women were stealing posters featuring SMAP performer Takuya Kimura‘s posters from public areas, distributor 20th Century Fox faces the mixed pleasure of seeing proof of the upcoming movie’s popularity in the theft of the materials used to promote it, probably because of the popularity of its heartthrob star, Hugh Jackman, in addition to the Japanese flavor of the flyers.
 「ウルヴァリン: SAMURAI」は、X-メンシリーズ最新作であり、日本で9月上映し、オーストラリアがその2か月前から。同映画撮影が主にオーストラリアと日本で行い、主人公がオーストラリア人であり、真田広之TAORILAなど支援役のほとんどが日本人で舞台が日本だから日豪色が濃い映画である。
WolverineIIThe Wolverine is the latest installment in the X-Men series of movies based on the popular comics. It opens in Australia in July and in Japan two months later. It has strong appeal for both Australia and Japan, with its Aussie star Jackman supported by Japanese actors of the ilk of Hiroyuki Sanada, Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukushima, while the movie is set mostly in Japan and much of the filming occurred in Australia and Japan.
The Japan angle is apparently being plugged strongly in promotion of the movie outside of the land where it’s set, which led to the sumi-e poster, which features Jackman depicted as his Wolverine character.
20th Century Fox officials have apparently had to replace about half of the posters on bus stops around the United States as fans pocket them.

The Wolverine Official Site
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Google オートコレクト Putting the シティ in Aussie Cities

Sydney is expensive
Melbourne is better than Sydney
Adelaide is a hole
Darwin is my homeboy
Brisbane is boring
Perth is my city and I love it
Hobart is the captial of which Australian state?
Canberra is in which state
(元記事<英語>)’Sydney is stupid, Brisbane is boring’
Google Provides a Better Image of Australia’s Biggest City