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Oz Rock Legend Malcolm Young Dies  豪ロック伝説的な人マルコム・ヤング氏が死去

Rock legend Malcolm Young, co-founder of Australia’s biggest ever band AC/DC, has died. He was 64.
Young formed AC/DC in 1973 with his younger brother, Angus, who remains the only original member of the band still playing.
Young played rhythm guitar for AC/DC until he left the band in 2014 to receive treatment for dementia.
He had overcome lung cancer, heart problems and alcoholism.
Young was described as the driving force behind AC/DC, which has sold about 200 million albums, making it among the best-selling artists of all time.
AC/DC toured Japan early in the Brian Johnson era, visiting in 1981 and again the following year. However, the band didn’t tour again until 2001. Acca Dacca last played Japan in 2010, Malcolm Young’s final tour with the band.
The Youngs’ elder brother, George, died last month. He had produced the early AC/DC albums and been a member of The Easybeats, one of Australia’s first rock bands to achieve global success.
1981 Japan Tour

An Australian Christmas

Australians have a special way of spreading Christmas cheer
Ploughing snow is a big no-no, we have sun over here
Roos R-L
Christmas pud is a pav instead, while lunch is on the beach
Cold ham replaces turkey, And we have three servings each

Kangaroos help Santa out, ‘Cause reindeer just won’t do
For they don’t know the bush so well, roos just bound on through

Forget the fur lined boots this year, thongs are what we need
Rudolf will have to sit it out, while Skippy takes the lead

But don’t you worry, have no fear, Santa’s used to us down here!

NSFW (or kids) Classic Australian Christmas Song

A Little-Known, Bizarre Australia-Japan Christmas Story

豪のクリスマス・ソング:Deck the Shed
豪のクリスマス・ソング:Christmas on the Station
豪のクリスマス・ソング:Christmas Photo
豪のクリスマス・ソング:Aussie Jingle Bells
豪のクリスマス・ソング:Six White Boomers

South African band Die Antwoord also does an interesting cover of Kevin Bloody Wilson‘s Australian Christmas classic.


Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges, “The Hills,” were the settings for two relatively obscure and unrelated TV shows in the 1970s and 1980s. “Solo One” was a spin-off of the successful “Matlock Police” with Paul Cronin reprising the role of Gary Hogan stationed in Emerald before he moved on to the far more successful part of Dave Sullivan in “The Sullivans.” Meanwhile, “Come Midnight Monday” was set in Cockatoo and featured Australia’s then-darling Sally Boyden in one of her rare post-“Young Talent Time” roles. The show ran in 1982, the year before Cockatoo was destroyed in the Ash Wednesday bushfires.

Brace Yourself, Sydney…Here Comes Kyary Pyamu Pyamu

Kyary Pamyu PamyuColorful Japanese entertainer Kyary Pyamu Pyamu will play one show in Australia later this month as part of her Nanda Collection World Tour 2014.
Demand to see the performer probably best known for her flamboyant 2011 viral video “Pon Pon Pon” has been enormous and her only Australian show on March 23 was shifted from Sydney’s Metro Theater to the considerably larger UNSW Roundhouse.
The often infantile 21-year-old whose full stage name is Caroline Charonplop Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (her real name is Kiriko Takemura) is currently among the best-selling contemporary performers and is easily Japan’s best-known singer among 20-somethings outside of her homeland.
Although Kyary Pyamu Pyamu has a reputation outside of Japan as being something of a non-conformist, most of her innovation comes from a marketing team playing on the image she cultivates cleverly. Nonetheless, there’ll be no shortage of color or noise at her show.
kyary-pamyu-pamyu_2m3m1qjnv7cKyary Pyamu Pyamu’s Nanda Collection World Tour 2014 comprises shows in 15 cities in 10 countries over a five-month span from February to June this year.

Pon Pon Pon

Mottainai Land

Fashion Monster

Tickets for Kyary Pyamu Pyamu’s sole Australian show are available through Ticketek

Worst Aussie Songs Ever! 豪史上最低曲ワースト10!

Worst Songs オーストラリア歌謡曲ワースト10は1980年代・1990年代が中心となっており、2000年シドニー・オリンピック開会式主人公だったニッキ―・ウェブスター氏の「Strawberry Kisses」と最低となり事実上同氏のキャリアにピリオドにうった効果と言っても過言ではない。
 1980年代活躍したオージーボール選手2人や一発屋などが中心となっているけど、世界的にヒットしたPseudo Echoや1970年代オージー・ロックを象徴とするSkyhooksといって素晴らしい実績を残してるバンドの曲も入っている。中には、オーストラリア史上最高売り上げ数の「Shaddap You Face」も仲間入りしている。
 このバンドは日本であまり馴染みがないが日本で1970年から1989年の間に開催された世界歌謡祭記念大会でPseudo Echoが1987年と1989年唯一2回もオーストラリア代表として出演し、前方では「Take On The World」という曲で見事に同大会を優勝した
No. 1 – Nikki Webster – Strawberry Kisses

No. 2 – Mark ‘Jacko’ Jackson – I’m An Individual

No. 3 – Colette– Ring My Bell

No. 4 – Craig McLachlan – Mona

No. 5 – Joe DolceShaddap You Face

No. 6 – Pseudo Echo – Funky Town

No. 7 – Nolene Donaher – No Regrets

No. 8 – Warwick Capper – I’ll Only Take What’s Mine

No. 9 – Jason Donovan – Too Many Broken Hearts

No. 10 – Skyhooks – Jukebox in Siberia

Australia’s Worst Songs Ever


Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (above) and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (below) are among the many politicians promoting Super Best Friends' "Round and Round!"

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (above) and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (below) are among the many politicians promoting Super Best Friends’ “Round and Round!”

 9月7日総選挙があるにも関わらずオーストラリア総理大臣ケビン・ラッド、野党であるリベラル党党首トニー・アボットやその他勢揃い与野党政治家他がオーストラリア首都キャンベラのパブ・バンドであるSuper Best Friendsの新曲「ROUND & ROUND!」のプロモーション・ビデオに出演し、課題ととなっているとニュース社が報道している。
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott are among the large number of politicians from all parts of the political spectrum to take time off from campaigning for the Sept. 7 election to appear in a music video for pub band Super Best Friends‘ new song, Round and Round!, according to News Ltd. reports.
The video is probably an example of Australian humor, but is a world apart from the gravity of the country’s situation. With an election just around the corner, something like this would be unthinkable in Japan. In Australia, though, they’re probably doing it because of the election in an attempt to show how close they are to voters.
Of course, like politicians around the world, the minute they’ve been elected to office these politicians will all almost invariably begin ignoring those same voters again.

クラシック豪テレビの各種「Stairway to Heaven」が面白い

Rolf Harris and his wobbleboard

Rolf Harris and his wobbleboard

 オーストラリア・イギリス両国だれでも知っているハリス氏は、1950年代から始まった歌や描きなど子供を中心に行なったパフォーマンスが暖かい思い出となっている。ハリス氏の面白い歌の特徴が「Tie me Kangaroo Down, Sport」のようなオーストラリアがテーマである上、ディジェリドゥやご自身発明のウォッブル・ボードを使うことだった。
 まだ現役パフォーマーとは言え、ハリス氏が最後に大ヒットしたのは1993年発表したレッド・ツェップリン「Stairway to Heaven」を自分風にカバーして英国、豪州、他No.1となった。(その後、ツェップリンのロバート・プラント氏とジミー・ページ氏が恩返し<?>としてハリス氏曲をカバー版出した、、、。)
 実は、ハリス氏がこの曲を作ったのは、「The Money or the Gun」というクラシックオージーテレビ番組のためだった。その番組は1988年から1990年の間に上映され、番組の一コーナーが色々なミュージックのジャンルによって同曲を弾く。ハリス氏の他の例としてビートルズ風かゴスペルやオペラ。以下が各種の「Stairway to Heaven」やその詳細。ツェップリンのファンが見逃せない内容だ!
Rolf Harris – Stairway to Heaven (豪風コメディ版)

Leonard TealeStairway to Heavenドラマ風の詩

Stairway to Heaven (オペラ版)

Stairway to Heaven (フェム・ファテレ版)

Stairway to Heavenドアーズ風版)

Stairway to HeavenB-52s風版)

Stairway to Heavenプレスリー版)

Stairway to Heavenビートルズ風版)

Stairway to Heavenレゲエ版)

Stairway to Heavenスイング版)

Stairway to Heaven (パンク版)

Stairway to Heaven (歌謡曲風版)

Stairway to Heavenラウンジ・ミュージック風版版)

Stairway to Heavenア・カペラ版)

Stairway to Heaven (ワイルドなコメディ版)

Stairway to Heaven (テレビCMのBGM風版)

Stairway to Heaven (ファンク風版)

Stairway to Heavenゴスペル風版)

Stairway to Heavenブロードウェイ・シアター風版)

Stairway to Heaven (オーケストラ風版)

Stairway to Heavenガール・グループ風版)

Stairway to Heaven (サイカデリック風版)

Stairway to Heaven (ブルース風版)

Stairway to Heaven (テクノ・ダンス風版)

Stairway to Heavenヒルビリ・ロック風版)