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Kangaroo Cooking…Roo Meat: It’s Tasty if Ya Cook It!

Japanese have been legally eating kangaroo for longer than most Australians.
Kangaroo meat was imported to Japan and being served in Tokyo restaurants from 1988, five years before meat from the national symbol was legalized for consumption by Australians in all states other than South Australia, where kangaroo could be eaten legally from 1980. (Indigenous Australians had continued eating kangaroo, a traditional food, regardless of the ban.)
Despite the head start, kangaroo meat never really kicked on in Japan, despite its reputation for being a healthy, high-protein, low-fat alternative to beef or pork.
RooMeat was promoted in Japan as being a preferred choice of athletes and models, but the “stars” called upon to plug the meat were not household names. Moreover, the meat was promoted with the somewhat mysterious catch copy of “it’s tasty if you cook it.”
Kangaroo meat can still be purchased in Japan, probably most easily from The Meat Guy, purveyor of fine meats.
Kangaroo meat is also promoted as an environmentally friendly choice as kangaroos produce less methane than cattle.
Some people have also adopted kangatarianism, which is essentially a vegetarian diet that allows for the consumption of kangaroo meat.
Japan’s kangaroo business was also involved in the kangaroo industry, which focuses around the marsupial’s leather, which is regarded as the strongest source of leather for shoes and gloves.
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Why we are banning tourists from climbing Uluru
Uluru climbing ban: A history of disrespect atop the rock

Goanna Girl Drags Reptile from Restaurant

Samia Lila, a.k.a. ‘Goanna girl,’ is a French waitress on a working holiday visa who dragged a goanna from a New South Wales restaurant.

Samia Lila drags a goanna from a restaurant

At first, Lila thought it was a canine intruder.

The goanna frightened diners.

Lila then decided to grab it and drag it out.

“I looked at it and thought it was a dog at first! But then I realised it was a goanna,” Lila said.

Hungover Australian PM Lauds Australia-Japan Relations



Australia’s perennially embarrassing British-born Prime Minister Tony Abbott turns up for a TV interview fairly hung over after a night on the booze with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
If nothing else, at least the two countries seem to have decent relations.


Tie Me Kangaroo Down SportPeanuts Tie Me Kangaroo Down SPort50代以下オーストラリア人及びイギリス人であれば、間違いなくロルフ・ハリスという芸能人の存在が分かるはずだ。1950年代後半以降同人物が子供を中心にイギリス在住でありながら出身国であるオーストラリアのことを全身全霊でPRし続けた。イギリス・オーストラリアを中心にものすごく愛され、両国のほとんどの人にとって「大好きなおじさん」のような存在だった。しかし、明るい表向きの顔の裏面は暗く虐待的な性格を隠したようだ。今週、小児虐待罪として5年9か月の実刑判決が下れた。虐待疑惑が浮上した2012年末頃からほぼ誰でも信じられなかったが、徐々にハリス受刑者の行動パターンが明確となり、約30年間に渡り自分の実娘のベスト・フレンドをはじめ数多くの未成年女性を性的に虐待した事実が明らかとなって有罪判決に至った。考えRoo自身をはじめ、ハリス受刑者を愛した何百万の英・豪人がこの事実にショックと痛みで受けた。
今では、ハリス受刑者が日本で知られていないと言っても過言ではないと思う。でも、いつもそうじゃなかった。1960年代前半、ハリス受刑者の多数中の最も大きなヒット曲「Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport」が日本でもひそかなファンを集めた。それほどヒットしなかったがザ・ピーナツ及びダニー飯田によって原版のオーストラリア動物の言葉遊びの歌詞をもてない男の話をコミカルに替えてシングルとして発表された。