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Lest We Forget Japan’s Role in Creating the ANZAC legend

HMIJS Ibuki (left) and HMAS Melbourne escorting ANZAC troops to Gallipoli

ANZAC Day, April 25, has become an almost holy day on the Australian calendar in the early 21st century as the country celebrates the efforts and sacrifices of its military personnel since it first went to war as a nation at Gallipoli in 1915, but few remember Japan was an ally that played a vital role in creating the ANZAC legend.

 21世紀初期現在、ANZAC Day(4月25日)がオーストラリアでは、1915年に国として初めて戦争を体験したガリポリをはじめ復員兵などの努力や犠牲を称える聖なる日のような存在となっているが、そのANZAC伝説づくりに味方としての日本の大きな貢献がほとんど知られていないのだ。





Aussies looking to help out Japan following the Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster can find ways through a newly established Australian Government website “Australians Helping Japan.”

Let’s help this great country and great, long-time friend of the land Down Under to get back on its feet.

Australians Helping Japan


James Murdoch

教師でもあり歴史家でもあるジェームス・マードック氏は、その生涯の多くの時間を日本とオーストラリアで過ごした。 ヴェルサイユ条約(パリ講和会議)に於いては、白豪主義真っ只中の豪州国内で、日本が提案した議題、人種的差別撤廃の数少ない支持者であったが、結果的には同条項は採択されなかった。

James Murdoch, a teacher and historian who spent much of his life in Japan and Australia, fought an ultimately losing battle as one of the few supporters in White Australia of Japan’s proposed equality clause in the Treaty of Versailles.



Australia Owes Booming Industry to ‘Ricing’ Son

高須賀 伊三郎(穣)(右)と妻イチコ、オーストラリア、ビクトリア州にて


Australia’s rice industry is among the world’s 20 largest and the business Down Under owes its start to a Japanese immigrant early last century.



 ちょうど、このトピックを掲載する頃、待ちに待った4年に一度しか開催されない最も長い歴史と伝統があるイングランド対オーストラリア戦「クリケットの納骨」「The Ashes」が、オーストラリアのブリスベーン市で始まる。


Guugu Yimithirr warriors

Modern Japanese is filled with examples of borrowed words from foreign languages, which are known as gairaigo. “G’day” is probably widely known throughout Japan as a symbol of Australian English, but there are some even more uniquely Australian words that have also made their way into Japanese.