Malcolm Who?

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (left) and his Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe, at a meeting in Tokyo this week

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visited Japan this week, but you’d barely have known it.
Despite repeated claims of the Japan-Australia relationship being stronger than ever, Turnbull’s trip went almost unnoticed by the Japanese media.
Turnbull toured an Air Self-Defense Force base with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, seeing first-hand the Australian-made Bushmaster vehicles that Japan uses.
The two right-wing leaders also threw a joint luncheon made using pricey Australian ingredients with Japanese-influenced dishes.
Tickets for the invitation-only luncheon held by the Japan-Australia Business Co-operation Committee were a hefty 35,000 yen per person.
Turnbull might not have done much, but he got a decent feed out of the visit.




Australian parliament breaks into song after passing same-sex marriage law

Full “Boar” Straya!

A Strayan woman is causing waves for “deep-throating” a dead joey (baby kangaroo).
Pig hunter Natalie Cepeniuk is being attacked online for posting online a photo of her sticking a dead kangaroo’s head in her mouth with the caption that she “may have deep throated a joeys neck.”
Cepeniuk, who admits to being no angel following a spate of criminal charges last year, calls her critics “greenies and haters,” and defends her actions.
She may actually be supported by the Australian Government, which advises that there are cases where the humane euthanizing of joeys whose mothers have been killed is the painless option.
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Packing a Roo in the Days of Pac-Man

Kangaroo was a mildly successful arcade video game released in 1982.
Launched in the same year was the phenomenally successful Pac-Man and notorious Custer’s Revenge.
Kangaroo also came out in the same year as E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (video game), the flop largely blamed for the video game industry crash of 1983.
Kangaroo required players to take on the role of a mother roo who dodged falling fruits and punched primates to rescue her joey, who had been stolen by the monkeys.
The game started as an arcade game before Atari made versions for its 2600 and 5200 game consoles.
The game was also later adapted for a children’s cartoon.
Kangaroo promotional video from the ’80s

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Oz Rock Legend Malcolm Young Dies  豪ロック伝説的な人マルコム・ヤング氏が死去

Rock legend Malcolm Young, co-founder of Australia’s biggest ever band AC/DC, has died. He was 64.
Young formed AC/DC in 1973 with his younger brother, Angus, who remains the only original member of the band still playing.
Young played rhythm guitar for AC/DC until he left the band in 2014 to receive treatment for dementia.
He had overcome lung cancer, heart problems and alcoholism.
Young was described as the driving force behind AC/DC, which has sold about 200 million albums, making it among the best-selling artists of all time.
AC/DC toured Japan early in the Brian Johnson era, visiting in 1981 and again the following year. However, the band didn’t tour again until 2001. Acca Dacca last played Japan in 2010, Malcolm Young’s final tour with the band.
The Youngs’ elder brother, George, died last month. He had produced the early AC/DC albums and been a member of The Easybeats, one of Australia’s first rock bands to achieve global success.
1981 Japan Tour

Oh, La La! Kangarou Pizzas, C’est Magnifique! … Plutôt

Kangarou Pizzas are a French fast food chain.
The chain appears to be based in Thionville, with outlets in Metz, Nancy and Varangéville.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the chain specializes in deliveries.
It’s logo is a bouncing kangaroo, or kangarou in French!
Being from the land of culinary delights, you’d expect Kangarou Pizzas to be a popular choice.
Perhaps because of its origins, customers are more demanding, but the chain gets only average reviews on Trip Advisor, with 60% rating it as either “poor” or “terrible,” though it appears disgruntled users were more miffed by poor service than lousy food.
Still, it’s nice to see kangaroos making their mark in France.

Hopper Gives U.S. Satellite TV Network Viewers a Roo-ed Awakening

Hopper is the (brilliantly original!) name given to the kangaroo used to promote U.S. satellite TV network Dish.
Hopper was probably at her most prominent in the mid 20-teens as Dish launched a huge campaign to popularize Internet telly.
During the 2014 campaign, Hopper was voiced by portly Strayan actress Rebel Wilson, then at the peak of her career.
The campaign centered on Dish’s universally praised digital video recorder, which is also called Hopper, like the kangaroo that promotes the network.
The line of recorders further extends the kangaroo link by naming the compact version of the DVR, Joey, which is, of course, the name for infant kangaroos.
Incidentally, Rebel is a true Strayan. Her initial breakthrough in show business came when she created and starred in a TV series called Bogan Pride.
Bogan is kind of the modern form of yobbo.