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An Aussie Chrissie


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It was getting close to Chrissie, which prompted me to chuck a sickie. I was still in the nuddy, so I slipped on some grundies. I went to light up a durry, but I’d run out and had to have a rollie. It was perfect weather and I wondered if the blokes from out Woop-Woop would be into having a barbie and lairing it up with me in Brizzie, the Big Smoke.

「やばいリンガル」Plate (プレート)

Everybody knows what a plate is, but in Strine when you’re invited to a party, barbie or the like, you’re often asked to bring a plate. Why would that happen? Read on to find out.



Australian English
A barbecue. The barbecue is an Australian tradition. It is customary to have a barbecue in the back garden, inviting friends, neighbors or relatives. The barbecue is generally regarded as important part of Australian culture.


Plain English

Barbie-usage examples

Chuck another prawn on the barbie.バーベキューに海老をかけてね。Throw another shrimp on the barbecue.
“It’s barbie night at my place. BYO booze.”「今夜、僕んちでバーベキューをやるんだ。飲み物持参でね。」“It’s barbecue night at my house. Bring your own drinks.”

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