Getting Help

Kangaeroo needs help.

Unfortunately, the kind of help that’s needed is an inside job so, despite being surrounded by helpful and supportive people, the only answer is to keep plugging away.

Bleak, wet, drizzly weather is not helping the situation, but it’s something that can’t be controlled.

Acceptance is the key.

Kangaeroo spent 13 months in a psychiatric institution, received weekly treatment there for a further five years and continues to undergo periodic check-ups and will probably do so until the end of days, if lucky enough.

Kangaeroo is a multiple suicide failure and recovering drug and alcohol addict. So far, clean and sober for over 11 years.

The garden featured in this post comes from Takao Komagino Teien, a Japanese garden about 50 kilometers away from central Tokyo.

It has long been a haven of serenity and a sanctuary. Visits now are only seasonal, but it remains a joy each time.

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