Indigenous Aussies and Strine 先住民と豪語

Indigenous Australians have contributed richly to language on a global scale. This is especially through the names of creatures such as the kangaroo, koala, wombat, wallaby and dingo, all of which were originally Indigenous Australian words, but now used everywhere English is spoken, as well as being incorporated into other languages, including Japanese.



Other Indigenous Australian contributions to global lexicography include boomerang, corroboree, humpy, billabong, and woomera, the last two giving their names to a surfing clothes conglomerate and rocket launching range, respectively.


On a more mysterious side, English speakers internationally now know of the bunyip, a mythical monster originating from Indigenous Australian myths.


注意: 日英豪問わず、オーストラリア先住民をアボリジニと呼ぶことがほとんどだ。しかし、アボリジニには「土人」という意味があり、確かに未だに広く使われ、聞き馴染みがあるかも知れませんが、豊かな文化や伝統を持つ先住民に対して差別的な意味合いがあるので、考えRoo.comでは使いません。

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