Australian English
Most commonly, lolly is the word used to describe candy or sweet. However, it can also be used as a synonym for money or earnings.

1) あめ。キャンディ。
2) お金。給料や資金。

Plain English
1) Candy
2) Money, cash, wages, costs or earnings.

Lolly-usage examples

“Jane bought some lollies to get the rugrats to belt up.”「子供を大人しくさせるために、ジェーンがキャンディを買ってあげた。」“Jane bought some candy to get the kids to shut up.”
Buying a yacht costs a fair bit of lolly.ヨットを買うとかなりお金がかかるよね。It costs a helluva lot of cash to buy a yacht.

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