Australian English

A native or resident of the state of Western Australia. A West Australian. A Westralian. The name comes from an insect that lives in the state, but has become the nickname of Western Australia’s inhabitants. Western Australia has a greater land area than any other state in Australia, but much of it is desert and the nickname probably also derives from this fact.


Plain English
A Western Australian.

Heaps of Sandgropers have great tans.西オーストラリア人の多くの日焼き具合がかっこいい。Lots of Western Australians have great tans.
The only ridgy-didge mineworker is a Sandgroper.鉱業で本当に上手くいく人は西オーストラリア人に敵わないな。The only true mineworker is a Western Australian.

Strine Dictionary

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