Australian English

An American. The word is abbreviated rhyming slang for “septic tank” and “Yank.” A septic tank is a place where human waste is stored after using the toilet. Septic tanks remain common in many parts of rural Australia. Seppo can be either derogatory or affectionate depending on the context in which it is used.

アメリカ人。Seppoは、septic tankの省略であり、Yankの押韻俗語でもある。Septic tankは、汚水処理タンクのこと。Seppoは、使い方や文脈によって軽蔑的なことになるか親しみを示す表現になる。

Plain English
An American, a Yank.

Nobody drives cars as big as the Seppos.アメリカ人ほど大型な車を運転する人たちがいない。Nobody drives cars as big as the Americans do.
“Why do Seppos always go walkabout in the Outback?”「なんでアメリカ人がいつも砂漠の中ではさまようわけ?」“Why do Americans always get lost in the desert?”

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