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Kangaroo Crank

Kangaroo crank from Maruishi Cycle

Continuing on from yesterday’s entry, there’s more Maruishi Cycle brilliance on show.
Here is a bicycle crank featuring a kangaroo motif.
This work is especially notable as it was done before World War II.
Also note the kangaroo print on the pedal shaft.
Pretty amazing bit of work, though the kangaroo connection remains a bit of a mystery, yet once again forms a link between Japan and Australia.

Kangaroos Have a Proud History Adorning Japanese Marushi Bicycles

Maruishi mudguard kangaroo ornament

Maruishi Cycle Ltd. is a prestigious bicycle manufacturer perhaps best-known today for its vintage models that until late in the 20th century also included penny farthings. Maruishi continues to make fine touring bikes in Japan. The company’s history dates back to 1894, though it has been Chinese-owned since 2006.
Of greatest interest for Kangaeroo readers, though, is that Maruishi’s symbol throughout its history has been a kangaroo!
Why Maruishi chose a kangaroo remains a mystery, though its cycles are renowned for their luggage-bearing capability, which probably goes some way toward providing an explanation.
Although current Maruishi kangaroo displays appear largely limited to bicycle decals and store signage, marsupial images once adorned mudguards in the form of ornaments, frame plates, cranks and bells.

Maruishi kangaroo mudguard ornament

Maruishi kangaroo bell

Maruishi kangaroo plate

Official Maruishi logo

Marushi store signage

豪キャブラリー: Deadly Treadly

 語源は全く不明だが、何らかの理由でオージー英語では自転車がdeadly treadlyと呼ばれることがある。Deadlyは、ご存じのように「致命的」と言う意味だがtreadlyと言うのは意味がない。由来があるとしたら、おそらくtread(「踏む」と「トラック」の意味がある)だろう。

Deadly treadlyBicycle, bike自転車(直訳すると「致命的な輪付き車」だ)