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JohnnyHeyHey 今月また来日するハリウッド大スタージョニー・デップ氏がちょこちょこ日本に来ることにも関わらず、オーストラリアとあまり縁がない。
Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp is a regular visitor to Japan, and is due to return again later this month, but he hasn’t shown his face so often in Australia.
His first visit Down Under was way back in 1988, when he made a whirlwind trip to promote 21 Jump Street, the show he was then appearing in.
 それに伴った当時オーストラリアで最も人気だったテレビ番組Hey, Hey It’s Saturdayのセグメントに出た。同番組が1998年6月25日に上映し、後で世界的に大スターとなるカイリー・ミノーグ氏妹ダニー・ミノーグ氏を一緒に出演する。
Depp appeared on the Red Faces segment of Hey, Hey It’s Saturday, then Australia’s most popular program. He appeared on the program with Dannii Minogue, then perhaps better known in Australia than her soon to be globally famous singing older sister, Kylie.
The show aired on June 25, 1988, and he did not return to Australia after this show until 2010, when he showed up to promote Alice in Wonderland. He also appeared in an ad for the show together with Ossie Ostrich, the risque puppet that co-hosted the program with Darryl Somers, while Red Symons was also a regular.


New Year's Eve fireworks over Sydney Harbor.

New Year’s Eve fireworks over Sydney Harbor.

One of the world’s most renowned New Year’s Eve parties takes place annually in Sydney, Australia’s oldest and largest city.
Just as Japan has a New Year’s Eve tradition of the Red-White Singing Contest, Sydney’s custom to mark the end of one year and herald the start of another involves setting off fireworks with its famous harbor bridge and opera house as a backdrop.
People come from all over the world to celebrate the midsummer fireworks spectacle, with this year’s celebrants including Hollywood superstars Leonardo di Caprio and Jamie Foxx, who plan to welcome the new year in Sydney, then hop onto a private jet and fly to Las Vegas to take advantage of the time difference and be ready to greet the start of 2013 all over again.
About 1 million people are expected to see Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks live, while another estimated 1 billion worldwide will watch the event on television.
Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Sydney’s fireworks are a comparatively recent event, starting in the 1980s, but with the city’s iconic landmarks only taking center stage in annual events that began only in 1996. Australian superstar singer Kylie Minogue will be a producer of this year’s fireworks display.
Incidentally — and ironically considering the fame of Sydney’s fireworks — Aussies have a complicated relationship with fireworks. Although most Japanese regard fireworks as a symbol of summer and setting them off is a tradition with crackers and the like on sale in stores nationwide, it has been almost impossible since the 1970s for individual Australians to buy fireworks, which are banned for individual use, ostensibly due to the danger of fire in the tinderbox dry heat of the summer Down Under.

Sydney New Year’s Eve Official Site

豪の実力以上のものに挑む精神を表示するBig Guitar群れ

The Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth, NSW

 そして、音楽と言えばさらに実力以上に挑むのが各地にあるBig Guitarかもしれない。各地にあり、オーストラリアの「Big Things」の一例ともなる。

 まずは、最も音楽界に親密にあるのがニューサウスウェールズ州タムワースにあるBig Golden Guitarだ。
 Big Golden Guitarが高さ12メートルがあり豪カントリー・ミュージック賞のトロフィをモチーフで1988年で創られている。

The Big Playable Guitar, Narrandera, NSW

 これも当然オーストラリアの「Big Things」一つでもある。
 この「Big Things」がBig Playable Guitarと呼ばれ、長さ6メートル高さ2メートルの巨大な楽器だ。

The Big Hard Rock Guitar, Surfers Paradise, QLD

 そして、最後に、厳密な「Big Things」とちょっと言いがたいがクィーンズランド州観光名所ゴールド・コーストの最も有名な地域サーファーズ・パラダイスには高さ10メートルのBig Hard Rock Guitarがあり、目印となっている。

Big Golden Guitar Tourist Center