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Australian English
A loud-mouthed, drunken, swearing, uncouth, uncivilized and stereotypical Australian. Amazingly, despite the above description, the term can also be endearing at times, depending on the context in which it is used. Ockers live in Oz, another named used for Australia and an abbreviation of the country’s phonetic rendition.


Plain English
Aussie, Australian.

That bloody ocker is sozzled out of his mind again. He’s blotto.あのオージーも既に酔っぱらっている。泥酔状態だね。That Aussie is drunk out of his mind again. He’s as drunk as a skunk.
He’s a typical, beer-swilling ocker.彼は、ビールを飲むばかりで典型的なオージーだよ。He’s a typical, beer-drinking Aussie.

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