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Kangaeroo was once an almost ubiquitous presence on the Internet.

That was, of course, back in the days before the likes of Facebook, Twitter and other social media dominated online viewing.

Even blogs were in their infancy and Google still provided results for terms that people searched for and not for the highest payers.

But that all changed.

Decades have passed since Kangaeroo posted a portrait online.

But that has changed with this post.

These are photos of Kangaeroo now.

Definitely wasn’t worth waiting for!

Not that I think anybody actually waited….


'Strewth. How 'bout a drink?' (Koala photo not related to story/イメージ)

Koala invades bar, sleeps it off






A koala invaded a bar on Queensland’s Magnetic Island before promptly sleeping it off, according to the Melbourne Age on Thursday.

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