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バナナを曲げる人々 People who Bend Bananas

Bending bananas

Australian English accents don’t really have regional differences. Somebody in Perth in the far southwest will sound reasonably similar to someone from Townsville in the far northeast, over 6,000 kilometers away. Considering the area involved – Australia is 26 times bigger than Japan – it’s amazing.


Banana bender/クイーンズランド人。

Banana bender

Australian English
A Queenslander, a resident or native of the state of Queensland. The name derives from the large amount of tropic fruit production in the state, as well as being a gentle jibe at Queenslanders for the perception that they are “slow” because of the regional accent and the state’s traditional conservativeness. Some Queenslanders, particularly from the countryside, speak with a slow, broad accent and many end sentences with the intonated question “eh?” This is the most distinctive of any regional Australian accent.


Plain English

Banana bender-usage examples

Speak slowly. She’s a Banana Bender.クイーンズランド人だから、ゆっくり話してあげてね。Speak slowly. She’s a Queenslander.

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