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Australian English

Something original, genuine, the honest truth. See also: dinkum, dinky-di, fair dinkum


Plain English
Honest, genuine.

“That match was a ridgy-didge pearler.”「その試合って本当に素晴らしかった。」“That game was absolutely awesome.”
I’m ridgy-didge telling the truth.誓います、、、本当のことを言っています。I’m honestly telling the truth.

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Australian English

The Queen, referring to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. Australia became an independent country in 1901, but remains in the Commonwealth and Queen Elizabeth II is officially the country’s head of state.


Plain English
Queen Elizabeth

Her Majesty the Queen is Australia’s head of state.女王陛下がオーストラリアの国家元首である。Queen Elizabeth II is Australia’s head of state.

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Australian English

Nonsense, usually used in a dismissive manner. It can also be used to refer to a trifling matter, or something of little consequence or worth.


Plain English
1) A dismissive statement along the lines of “No way!”
2) A meager, trifling matter.

“Mum’s an awful cook.”
“Piffle! She makes some of the nicest meals out.”
“Mom’s an awful cook.”
“No way! She makes some of the nicest meals I’ve ever eaten.”
I was worried about the accounting mistake, but it turned out to be a piffle.会計上のミスが心配したが、結局どうたこと無かった。I was worried about the accounting mistake, but it turned out to be a trifling matter.

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Australian English

To leer, often with lecherous intent. At times among friends and depending on context, it can also mean simply to take a look. Perve can be used as a noun and a verb. Originally, perve was an abbreviation of pervert.


Plain English
1) To leer, stare lasciviously.
2) To take a look.

Johnno’s always perving at birds.ジョンは、いつも女性に色目を使ってい。John is always leering at women.
“Let’s go to the gallery and have a perve at some culture.”
“Righto, I’ll be in that.”
“Let’s go to the gallery and have a look at some artworks.”
“All right. I’d love to go.”

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Australian English

A passionate kiss. The term is an abbreviation of “passionate.” Pash is both a noun and verb.


Plain English
1) (n) A passionate kiss.
2) (v) To kiss passionately.

She gave him a pash after they won the premiership.大会を優勝したから、彼女が彼を情熱なキスをした。She kissed him after they won the championship.
The couple pashed in the back row of the cinema.カップルが映画館の最後列に猛烈にキスした。The couple kissed in the back row of the movie theater.

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Op shop/中古品店

Op shop
Australian English
A second-hand store where the proceeds of sales are often donated to charity. An abbreviation of “opportunity shop,” with the name coming from the chance its beneficiaries get to lead a regular lifestyle.

中古品店・リサイクル店のことが、ほとんどの場合、運営及び売上がチャリティーのために行っている。Op shopは、opportunity shopの省略だ。直訳すると「機会の店」だ。由来は、お店の売り上げによって、苦しんでいる人々が普通に生活できる「チャンス」が与えられる。

Plain English
Thrift store.

“I’m donating my old clothes to the op shop to help the poor.”「貧しい人々を手伝うため、古着をリサイクル店に寄付するんだ。」“I’m donating my old clothes to the thrift store to help the poor.”
You can pick up cheap, high quality goods at the op shop.中古品店では、安くていいものを手に入れられる。You can pick up cheap, high quality goods at the thrift store.

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Australian English
An assistant or a helper. It can also be used to describe a very close friend.

1) アシスタント。補助員。お手伝いする人。ヘルパー。
2) とても仲がいい友達のこと。

Plain English
1) A helper, assistant.
2) A very close friend.

The sparky and his offsider fixed the electrical circuit right away.電気屋さんと彼のアシスタントがあっという間に電気系統を修理した。The electrician and his assistant fixed the electrical circuit in no time.
Bruce and his offsider watched the footy together.ブルースは、友達と一緒にフートボール試合を見た。Bruce and his buddy watched the football game together.

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