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Australian English
To be naked, or nude. The same state is also sometimes described as being “starkers.”
Plain English
Naked, nude, in a state of undress.

The pop star caused a stink after he was caught running around in the nuddy.芸能人が裸で走り回ったから大変なことになってしまった。The pop star was in hot water after he was caught running around in the nude.
I beat the heat by getting into the nuddy.暑さ対策は裸になることだ。I beat the heat by stripping naked.

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Australian English
To be angry, irritated or annoyed.
Plain English
Angy, mad, annoyed, furious.

Jilly was really narked when she got the sack.首になったジルは、とても怒っていた。Jill was absolutely furious when she got fired from her job.
Pete was narked when he lost on the geegees.ピートが競馬で賭けたお金全部失ったので、腹が立いた。Pete was angry after he lost on the horses.

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The Strine Why Atorkin: Natchrule Strine

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It was getting close to Chrissie, which prompted me to chuck a sickie. I was still in the nuddy, so I slipped on some grundies. I went to light up a durry, but I’d run out and had to have a rollie. It was perfect weather and I wondered if the blokes from out Woop-Woop would be into having a barbie and lairing it up with me in Brizzie, the Big Smoke.

The Strine Why Atorkin: 日本語


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クリスマスが近いから、仮病を使って仕事サボってずる休みしようかな。まだ、素っ裸だったからパンツを穿いた。タバコ吸おうと思ったけどいつものが切らしていたので、自分で巻くしかなかった。クッキーをつまんで、コーヒーを一杯、それが朝食。天気は最高だったから、かっぺの友達が 都会的なブリスベーンに遊びに来て俺と一緒にバーベキューやるかなと思った。

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It was getting close to Christmas, which prompted me to call in sick from work. I was still naked, so slipped into some underpants. I went to light up a cigarette, but I had run out of the regular type and rolled my own instead. I picked up a cookie and a cup of coffee and that was my breakfast.

It was perfect weather and I wondered if my friends from the boondocks wanted to hang out with me at a barbecue in Brisbane, the city.

Mystery bag/不思議な袋(ソーセージ)

Mystery bag

Australian English

A sausage. The name comes from the unfounded rumor that sausages are made from scraps of meat and whatever other item can be found wherever they are made, thus making the actual ingredients a “mystery.” Sausages, which are dearly loved as staples of the barbecue, are also referred to as “snags” and “bangers.”



Plain English


“Geez, don’t eat that mystery bag mate, ya dunno what’s in it.”「そのソーセージに何が入っているか分からないから食べないほうがいいよ。」“Gee, I’m a bit worried about that sausage. I don’t know what’s in it.”
I think that mystery bag just “mewed.”今そのソーセージが「ニャン」と言ったような気がする。I think that sausage just “meowed.”

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Mickey mouse/ミッキーマウス

Mickey mouse

Australian English

Lax, frivolous, sloppy, not very good, poor quality.



Plain English

1) Slack, lazy, lax, incompetent or inconsequential.
2) The megastar and symbol of the Walt Disney stable of companies. An American cultural icon.

Watch out for Willo’s work, it can be pretty mickey mouse.ウィローの仕事は要注意だ。かなり手が抜けるね。Be careful of Will’s work, it can be fairly lax.
That company is a mickey mouse operation.あの会社は結構適当な仕事しかしないね。That company is really incompetent.

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