Author: Kangaeroo

Let There Be Lights

Kangaeroo Coven has got one of the greatest gardens in Tokyo, at least according to Kangaeroo, and one of its features its the extensive lighting.

Alongside the mostly Aussie native plants adorning the garden are plenty of garden ornaments of Australian native animals and birds.

The kangaroos, koalas and various types of avian life such as a kookaburra, cockatoo and galah, are lit up using solar-powered garden lights.

Much to Mrs. Kangaeroo’s chagrin, Kangaeroo adores these garden lights.

And the growing length of sunshine each day as spring approaches affords each lighter with a greater charge of its battery, which keeps the garden well-lit, well past the onset of darkness.

And while Mrs. Kanageroo was off working over the weekend, Kanageroo took advantage of the fact.

It is is nearly always easier to apologize in Japan than to ask for permission.

As a result, Kangaeroo Coven now has a new set of lights, and they were put in place for all to adore well before any objection could be made.

And the lights are brighter and more powerful than ever before, literally focusing a spotlight on the garden’s centerpiece, life-sized kangaroo sculpture, highlighting the kookaburra sitting in the old wattle tree and shedding light on the garden overall.

Don’t Think!

A good mate of mine often quotes William Shakespeare’s Hamlet by reminding me that, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Kangaeroo is prone to over-thinking, and this week is looming as a tough one.

There’s plenty on the schedule, both professionally and privately.

And it’s still bloody cold and dark.

Moreover, riding up some hills yesterday and being easily overtaken and outpaced by another old codger, then hearing my heavy breathing along the river this morning sparked another reminder from Hamlet that I am fat and scant of breath!

But in better news, the relatively mild weather of the past few days has hinted at the onset of spring.

And another heralding of the end of winter came upon seeing the neighbor’s plum tree starting to bloom.

There were only a few blossoms, but the appearance of plums mean the cherries aren’t too far away.

And Kangaeroo Coven’s wattle is poised to unleash a spectacular golden bloom soon, too.

Bit of a Wasted Weekend

Didn’t do a lot today.

Except eat.

And play with the bird.

Turned out to be something of a wasted weekend.

It wasn’t a total failure.

Cleaned the house.

And got the garden looking good.

Including some shopping for new lights.

All Quiet on the Whetted Front

Lots of appetites where wetted today, in a quiet and pleasant day.

A long sleep was followed up by playtime with the bird.

Then it was a short stint in the garden.

By this time, Mrs. Kangaeroo had risen.

So, it was a shower and off to Costco, visiting the secondhand store along the way.

Upon returning, it was Death Machine time, for an unexpected and awesome ride.


Kangaeroo is delighted another working week is drawing to a close as he is absolutely exhausted.

Kangaeroo’s boss is a serial power harasser.

The boss’s gnawing attacks on co-workers have driven away every single colleague bar Kangaeroo since their employment started.

And the boss has gone out of their way to make life difficult for your author, including a threat to slash his pay in violation of his contract (and would have been a second huge pay cut in consecutive years).

Despite working from home, Kangaeroo is constantly in flight-or-fight mode.

It’s draining.

And the constant fear has an alarming effect on performance, resulting in a nearly perpetual run of mistakes, which creates a vicious cycle.

Alternative employment would be the way to go, but it’s not really an option now.

And, frankly, it’s a slap in the face after many years of dedicated service that had been appreciated.

Sadly, in an ironic development that is typically Kangaeroo, I was instrumental in hiring the boss nor tormenting me!

But, it seems the company is aware of the boss’s effects on co-workers (as I pointed out when asked my opinion on their leadership, the severance rate should show their impact). Maybe things will improve? Not holding out hopes, to be honest.

Wonder Undies!

Kanageroo hasn’t really won a great deal in lotteries or the like over the years (despite hitting the jackpot in so many other ways), so it was a pleasant surprise last week to win a great prize!

That prize was a gift coupon for undies!

Kangaeroo won the undies through a website called Miles.

Miles is a downloaded phone app (at least that’s how I use it) that keeps a record of all my travel.

A bit ominous perhaps, but I have nothing to fear and my phone is tracking my every move and sending all the data anywhere, anyway.

Mrs. Kangaeroo encouraged the download, considering how much cycling I do.

So, I downloaded the app and kept fairly consistent tabs on it.

The premise, or so I believe, is to accumulate points and then use those points for purchases or discounts on buys.

The trouble with the app was, no matter how many points I built up, I could only earn discounts. I wasn’t too keen on paying, so I just kept storing points for miles moved.

Then, I discovered that the app held raffles and I could take part in these by using the points I had built up.

I promptly joined in whatever was available, and took part in each raffle while using the maximum number of points possible to increase my chances of winning.

Didn’t win much.

Didn’t win anything, in fact, except for the marvelous 2Under undies.

Claiming the prize required registration.

Unfortunately, this was automated from an old address.

I promptly notified the people at 2Under and they responded.

Within a few days of winning the raffle, I found myself with an awesome pair of luxury undies.

It was a delight to have such super skids.

They were delivered in an extremely fancy box.

The undies feel good, fit perfectly and have gone some way to changing the way I view undergarments (in a way that only Heat Tech has ever done before).

Perhaps most importantly, though, the undies come equipped with a Joey Pouch, the name that 2Under give to the added space they provide in the front of the jocks to give room “to support your equipment in comfort and style.” (Company’s words!)

Hard for a Kangaeroo to disagree about the special merits of a joey!

Warm in the Winter

Dino the dinosaur is no slouch in finding a warm place in the winter, which is a handy trait when you’re a rosy faced lovebird.

She huddles up next to her heaters, on the nest she builds out of the strips of paper she so dexterously rips off with her beak, or nestles in the nape of Kangaeroo’s neck, or in the sleeve of his cardy.

Rest assured, though, where it’s warm and comfortable in Kangaeroo Coven, there’s a good chance you’ll find Dino.

It’s reassuring to have her in the cardigan sleeve as I type, to be honest (even though she’ll probably poop there, too).

She laid eggs recently: three of them.

And before the first one came out, she gave us a pretty big scare, as noted last week.

But, motherly duties over, she’s now back to her co-dependent best, if not quite as chirpy as she can be. And she never fails to find the warmth, so it’s good to be close to her at the traditionally coldest time of the year.