Daily Life


Today’s ride was bland and mundane, which made it pretty much ideal, but the sunrise did throw some color and spectacular skies in there to make for some amazing scenes.

The mornings are already darker and I need to wait until about 4:30 a.m. to be assured of a ride in complete light where it had been light at 4 a.m. less than a month ago.

It always seems the light disappears faster than the darkness.

But I am glad to have the light in place anyway.

Better light also allows for ease of riding.

And I got to look on in awe yesterday when a bloke ripped up the Tama River in full aero kit with a teardrop helmet and skinsuit, and riding a time trial bike with a carbon disc wheel. He sure left me for dead, even though I was averaging a not unimpressive pace of over 30 km/h. Maybe it was better left unseen? Nah….it was impressive to watch, even if beyond my abilities.