Daily Life

Pawing My Heart Out

June continues rolling on and the rainy season has yet to appear, which is an immediate blessing yet also a warning, but for the time being the kangaroo paw are leading the way in bringing me unimaginable delight.

The rainy season can be pretty bleak with day after day after precipitation.

I also find the low pressure systems that dominate the weather have a tendency to drag me down.

But with a few years in the garden, I’ve also learned how much plants appreciate the rain.

They like the unadulterated dose of water with all its nitrates that gives them a decent feed of what they’re love.

Last year, we basically didn’t get a rainy season and the fierce heat ravaged the garden, particularly the lawn that I had been so proud of.

Our kangaroo paw are a mixed bag.

Those that are thriving are doing absolutely magnificently, and I am delighted by their immense beauty.

Most of our blooms are orange, but we have a reddish hue and a white flower, too.

Our neighbor has multicolored flowers from a gift we presented him with last year and is absolutely thrilled by it.

Also a source of great happiness for me is my daily eye-opener ride, and this morning was a ripper!