Daily Life

Whetted for Wet

Rain is falling pretty steadily and though the rainy season in Japan gets me down, on the verge of its start, the precipitation has whetted the garden’s appetite for the wet; at least for the onset of the season, which could go on for months, or not happen at all, as was the case last year.

Snow in the summer is starting to bloom, greeting our large lounge room window with a view of dainty white flowers.

Proteas, which had started with a bang in March then appeared to go dormant, have started to show signs of blooming, which would be bloomin’ marvelous, indeed, if they were to do so.

Kangaroo paw are thriving, whether they flower or not. (I keep hoping that I haven’t inflicted duds on too many people. It wasn’t intentional.)

Of course, the grevillea are magnificent!

Also bringing some delight is the banksia grown from seed this year, which is absolutely thriving. Up until this year we have struggled with banksia, but all in the garden are doing quite well now, which is pleasing because they are still the plant I regard as iconic of Australian flora.