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Laughing All the Way to the Banksia

After worrying for literally months, maybe even years, banksia are finally giving me a great boost as they showed signs of thriving now that spring has sprung in earnest.

It’s hard to tell which banksia is bringing the most delight.

The main hairpin banksia, intended to be a centerpiece of the garden, has finally showed clear and pleasing signs that it is growing with new shoots sprouting in a manner detectable by the naked eye after having appeared to be dormant and not taking root months after it was planted in the ground.

Then there’s the little hairpin banksia bought as a contingency plan last autumn and immediately planted and coddled over the colder months with the expectation that it would die anyway, only to have formed deep roots and burst forth spectacularly.

And the birthday candles banksia is proving to be the real star of the family after having flourished almost from the moment it was planted in the early spring.

And I’ve even got a couple of little banksia seedlings going, albeit timidly, but battling on nonetheless as the sold seed project I undertook in 2024.

Even the coastal banksia giving me worries for its yellowing leaves appears to be picking up (as I admittedly expected it would).

Although I may not actually be laughing all the way to the banksia, they are certainly bringing a bit of a smile to my face.

Banksia are reputedly hardy and easy to grow. As I’ve written before, though, this hasn’t been my experience and none of the banksia I’ve tried growing have ever done very well….until now.

All that’s needed now for complete banksia satisfaction is a flower…..which I’m sure will come eventually, but has not yet been the case for Kangaeroo Corner moving into is third year of existence.