Daily Life

Princely Reward

Nature, and Mrs. Kangaeroo, provided a princely reward for patience and perseverance as the little prince protea I had been nagging for months to have removed from our garden because it had died actually sprouted and proved that it was as alive as my spouse had been saying it was.

To be honest, I’m not that keen on the proteas in the garden, even though they’re delightful plants and the flowers are exquisite. That’s because I see them as being quintessentially South African and not really part of an Australian-themed garden.

But in Japan, proteas and other leucospermum are lumped together with Aussie native flora as “native plants,” and Mrs. Kangaeroo loves the South African plants, so they have taken pride of place in our garden.

Our pin cushion protea has thrived in its pot, but the little prince struggled after a winter frost. We kept in inside until things started to warm up and planted it in March. I thought it was a goner, but Mrs. Kangaeroo insisted that it’s leaves were green and we give it time. I checked the plant daily, but saw no progress until this morning. And was delighted that my skepticism was proven wrong with a green shoot appearing. More joy awaits, I’m sure.

Also bearing good tidings is one of the kangaroo paw, which seems poised to flower. I cannot wait, even though the protea experience shows me that it’s worth it if I do.