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Green Godzilla

On what was something of a strange weekend, perhaps the weirdest moment came when I got to come face-to-face with a green, as in made of plants, Godzilla.

There’re plenty of Godzilla statues and effigies all over Tokyo, as I’ve reported before, and the rest of Japan, some life-sized, others tiny and plenty in-between and loving devoted to Japan’s most adored monster.

In western Tokyo, where I live, the most famous example is probably the Godzilla statue outside the TOHO CO., LTD. studios near Seijogakuen-mae, which is a bit of a trip for me further out in the boonies.

So, I was surprised to learn that there is actually a full authorized Godzilla not far from home, and it’s one that is a bit different to the others.

This Godzilla is a living sculpture, with the monster’s form made out of chicken wire and its scales and body comprised of the creeping plants that grow along the wire.

Of course, I got lost trying to find the Godzilla, despite having it mapped on my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt and having passed by Toho Chofu Sports Park, where it is listed as being located, daily for at least three years.

But it turns out I’d been given a bit of a bum steer, because it’s not located in the park at all, but in a nearby DIY center called DCM. A number of locals didn’t know of it, either, and were unable to give me directions. Finally, a gorgeous woman working at the sports park showed me the way.,

I couldn’t imagine why it was located in a hardware store, but that allowed me to surmise that probably had something to do with its somewhat disheveled appearance despite a formal headstone marking is September 1999 construction by TOHO CO., LTD., the Academy Award-winning movie studio that gave the world Godzilla, its subsidiary, Toho Kyoei Kigyo K.K., and general contractor, Mori-Gumi Co., Ltd.

It was only after I got home that I learned Toho Kyoei Kigyo operates the DCM chain and the penny finally dropped.

I have to admit I’ve seen more respectful treatment of TOHO’s top IP, but it was still interesting to find, which I did through the courtesy of a Facebook cycling group that I belong to but can’t credit because the post that inspired my trip has been deleted. And she looked great posed alongside the Death Machine.