Author: Kangaeroo


Kangaeroo was once an almost ubiquitous presence on the Internet.

That was, of course, back in the days before the likes of Facebook, Twitter and other social media dominated online viewing.

Even blogs were in their infancy and Google still provided results for terms that people searched for and not for the highest payers.

But that all changed.

Decades have passed since Kangaeroo posted a portrait online.

But that has changed with this post.

These are photos of Kangaeroo now.

Definitely wasn’t worth waiting for!

Not that I think anybody actually waited….

Fly Me To The Moon

Buggered if I know what to write for this entry.

Got to head out to a farm near New Tokyo International Airport, better known as Narita Airport, and was fortunate enough to see a number of planes passing by the moon on a glorious winter afternoon.

Not really a plane fancier, but felt the images were quite nice with the moon as a backdrop.

The ANA plane in the photo had a special livery that made it look like a turtle.

A glorious sunset topped off the day.

Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away

Horse-riding is an integral part of living for many in country Australia, where Kangaeroo spent the formative years of life.

Incredibly, in spite of this, and despite a landmass 26 times greater and population only about 1/6th the size, Australian horse riding services are generally far more expensive than their Japanese counterparts.

Provided you’re happy enough riding in a relatively confined space, it’s unbelievably accessible to ride horses in Japan, financially and in terms of getting to places to ride.

Moreover, there’s far less red tape involved in riding in Japan, where helmets, high-viz and other rigmarole are not mandatory as they are in the Aussie nanny state.

Kangaeroo’s days of regular horse riding are long gone, but that doesn’t make him a “neigh-sayer” when it comes to Japanese gee-gees.

Compliment Courage!

Boosted by a blessing, inspired to take more photos and now hoping not to be a pretentious dick

On a bleak and wintry December morning with conditions ideal for moaning and a terrible start to the day, Kangaeroo got a boost with an unexpected plug for the site’s photos.

Coming totally out of the blue, it was a sheer delight and anything else that happened in the day suddenly became irrelevant.

But more was to come. The praise led to an unexpected connection.

And a reminder that the darkest part of the day is always immediately before the dawn. I know what it’s like and we’re never alone, even if it feels that way.

Deeply grateful for some of life’s blessings….now just wish that could be reproduced in these bloody photos!


More Shots Snapped During a Lunchtime Stroll

Late autumn/early winter can be a wonderful time in Japan.

The typhoons of the early to mid-autumn are gone and the rain stays away for most of the time until June of the following year.

(Leaving aside the fact that October and late November were wet and sodden this year).

The bitter cold of winter doesn’t really show itself all day until after the new year, and days are generally bright and sunny.

Added to that, the fiery reds and yellows of autumnal leaves can create some gorgeous scenes, even in central Tokyo.

Some shots Kanageroo snapped during a lunchtime stroll are here for your perusal.

Sanpo Snapshots

Sanpo (散歩), the Japanese word for a stroll, makes for a wonderful opportunity to get a snapshot of life…and snapshots in general.

Here’s some of the things Kangaeroo spotted during a recent constitutional.

Beauty, Athleticism Driving Boom in Sales of Kangaroo Meat in Japanese Convenience Stores

Kangaroo meat is selling like hotcakes in Japanese convenience stores.
Sales of protein-related products are skyrocketing against a backdrop of growing fascination for weight training.

All protein-related products grew 40% year on year at Natural Lawson convenience stores from fiscal 2018 to fiscal 2019.

And September 2019 sales increased 70% YoY, with kangaroo meat being a prime driver at the chain’s 143 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Tokyo-based Vasel Inc. sells kangaroo meat under the RooMeat and Paroo brands throughout Japan, including the roo jerky selling strongly at convenience stores.

“Kangaroo meat is the pinnacle of red meats. Its saturated fats are 20 times better for you than beef and kangaroo meat is really popular among women with a strong awareness of beauty,” a Vasel spokesman recently told the Japanese media.

Vasel’s targets are those seeking an athlete’s diet of high-protein, low calorie foods, and women with a strong awareness of beauty and maintaining a healthy weight.

Kangaroo meat is not produced by keeping roos as livestock, but by capturing wild kangaroos and processing the meat. Vasel has imported kangaroo meat into Japan from Australia since the 1980s. Demand has grown significantly in recent years and it now imports 50 tons annually.

“There’s growing interest in red meat. Game is becoming increasingly popular within the dining industry. Women and athletes who are concerned with their health are eating kangaroo. We have focused on branding the meat as RooMeat since 2014, and the robust sales we’re seeing now are probably reflecting that,” the Vasel spokesman said.