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Straya, We’ll See Your Vegemite Chocolate and Raise You with Cough Lolly KitKats

Strewth! It doesn’t get much worse than the latest KitKat concoction to hit Japanese stores, which arguably takes the title of world’s worst chocolate unofficially claimed by Australia when it produced Vegemite chocolate back in June 2015.
KitKat Nodoame flavor is now selling at Japanese retail outlets and is the latest in a line of Japanese KitKat flavors that extends well beyond 200.
It should be noted, that <i>nodoame is the Japanese word for throat lozenge, and that’s exactly what’s been dished up in the latest KitKat…a throat lozenge flavored-chocolate!!!!
For what it’s worth, throat lozenge-flavored KitKat tastes exactly as it sounds, with your average cough lolly covered by waffle and coated in a layer of chocolate.
The Nodoame KitKat is sold in a box adorned by a caricature of soccer commentator Yasutaro Matsuki cheering Japan on to its ultimately successful qualification for the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia (which it achieved by defeating Australia’s hapless Socceroos at Saitama Stadium 2002 on August 31, 2017).
The presumed use of Matsuki to promote the flavor is because his shouting for Japan precludes the need for a throat lozenge.
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Vegemite chocolate ad from back in the day

Strange Straya Tucked Away in a Tract in Tokyo

Uluru curry

Ayer’s Rock Cafe is located in a distant corner of Machida, an outer suburb of Tokyo.
Why the cafe located in such a distant tract of Tokyo derives its name from the now non-PC moniker of Uluru is something of a mystery, but it has been operating since 2000 and comes highly recommended by members of a nearby horse-riding club and large private school, so it must be getting something right.
For Aussies, there’s nothing on the menu that really makes it worthwhile making the trek out to the cafe for a need to combat homesickness.
The cafe does serve Bundaberg Rum and is decorated with standard Aussie kitsch like tourist-oriented Indigenous Australian trinkets like boomerangs and digeridoos, copies of Australian road signs, a few items of bush jewelry and assorted items from Carlton & United Breweries.
The one menu item that does play on the cafe’s Australian association is Uluru curry.
This curry is a dried curry served atop a healthy pile of rice and presented in a way that makes it bear something of a resemblance to Uluru.
The curry is served with side dishes of salad and yogurt, and all are tasty and filling.
The curry is mild and its appearance at least gives something of an Australian flavor that doesn’t seem to come from anywhere else served at the establishment.
Other dishes are tasty, but not noteworthy. They will not disappoint the taste buds, but may not please the pocket.
Recommended are the set menus, which include a main meal, a donut from Daddy’s Donuts, which the cafe also deals in, and a drink for around 1,300 yen to 1,400 yen are probably best.
Indeed, the donut was delicious, made with little oil and with a light fluffy taste with a crisp outer crust.
The donut is served with a scoop of ice cream, which can be topped with cinnamon or rum sauce or both, and berries with garnishing of castor sugar.
The dish is excellent and the donuts come in four flavors of plain, sesame, soybean or early grey.
Also recommended is the coffee, which was dark with a rich, satisfying taste and powerful aroma.

Ramen Cake Will Make You Do Your Noodle!

Ramen cake

Nationwide all-you-can-eat sweets franchise Sweets Paradise make amazing cakes decorated to look like main meals but almost indistinguishable from them until tasted.
Sweets Paradise makes an assortment of foods that look like main dishes but are actually cakes, including bowls of noodles, omelets, katsudon and eel.
What’s more, the prices are extremely reasonable, at around 1,200 yen, which is about half what you’d normally pay for a similarly sized cake anywhere in Japan.
Sweets Paradise has outlets throughout Japan, but also sells its wares online.

Ramen cake

Ramen cake

Ramen cake

Ramen cake

A Toast to Fine Electronics


Breville sandwich maker


Goanna Girl Drags Reptile from Restaurant

Samia Lila, a.k.a. ‘Goanna girl,’ is a French waitress on a working holiday visa who dragged a goanna from a New South Wales restaurant.

Samia Lila drags a goanna from a restaurant

At first, Lila thought it was a canine intruder.

The goanna frightened diners.

Lila then decided to grab it and drag it out.

“I looked at it and thought it was a dog at first! But then I realised it was a goanna,” Lila said.

ピーナツの気配も無ピーナツ・バター味Tim Tamが豪最低製品Shonky賞を受賞

PEanut Butter 日本のコンビニや駅売店などで販売されて親しみ馴染んでいるオーストラリアの大人気クッキーであるTim Tamが「ピーナツ・バター味にも関わらずピーナツ及びピーナツ成分のものでも入ってない」として最低製品を表彰するShonky賞を受賞した。

豪キャブラリー: Shonky
主催者サイト:Arnott’s Tim Tams Peanut Butter Flavour(英語)


Vegemite90 オーストラリアの国民食と言われているべジマイト(Vegemite)今日、10月25日、90周年を祝う。
 フレッド・ウォーカー(Fred Walker)氏という方が1923年にべジマイトを発明した。
 広告業界では昔からべジマイト広告やCMがオーストラリア国内の浸透度が高く今でも1950年代のテレビCMに使った表現である「Happy Little Vegemite」がオージー英語となり、「喜んでいる」という意味を示す(皮肉的に言う場合が多いけど、、、)。

 また歌詞などに良く登場する。もっとも有名な例が1982年世界中に大ヒットしたMen at Workの「Down Under」では一部の歌詞がべジマイトに触れる、アメリカなど一世風靡した(あまり美味しくないかもしれないので、人気があくまでも短期だったが)。
Vegemite Official Site (英語)
Vegemite Wikipedia (英語)
2ちゃんねる「べジマイト スレ」(日本語)
豪テレビ初期時代(1950年代)の「Happy Little Vegemite」CM(オーストラリアでは伝説的な存在となっているCM)
Vegemite is cheaper overseas than in Australia
Vegemite turns 90. Here’s 10 cool things it can do besides making toast delicious