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Australia Owes Booming Industry to ‘Ricing’ Son

高須賀 伊三郎(穣)(右)と妻イチコ、オーストラリア、ビクトリア州にて


Australia’s rice industry is among the world’s 20 largest and the business Down Under owes its start to a Japanese immigrant early last century.



 ちょうど、このトピックを掲載する頃、待ちに待った4年に一度しか開催されない最も長い歴史と伝統があるイングランド対オーストラリア戦「クリケットの納骨」「The Ashes」が、オーストラリアのブリスベーン市で始まる。


Guugu Yimithirr warriors

Modern Japanese is filled with examples of borrowed words from foreign languages, which are known as gairaigo. “G’day” is probably widely known throughout Japan as a symbol of Australian English, but there are some even more uniquely Australian words that have also made their way into Japanese.


‘Single Men Only?’ – Early Japanese Migration to Oz 日本人の豪州への初期移民は「独身男性限定」?

知られざる日豪関係のルーツ What You Didn’t Know about Australia-Japan Relations

A 19th century Japanese pearl diver in Australia

Japanese immigration to Australia in the 19th century differed to other parts of the Japanese diaspora.


Acrobatic Start to Relations まさにアクロバティックに始まった日豪関係

知られざる日豪関係のルーツ What You Didn’t Know about Australia-Japan Relations

Meiji-era (1867-1912) Japanese Acrobats

日豪関係のルーツは、まさにアクロバティックに始まった。1867年に日本の曲芸団がオーストラリアを訪問した数年後(具体的な日付は不明。1871年という説もあれば、1874年という説もある)、Sakuragawa Rikinosukeという曲芸師がオーストラリア人女性と結婚して、豪州に移住した日本人として初めて記録された。

Japan-Australia relations started off by swinging into action – literally. First contact came in 1867 when a Japanese acrobatic troupe visited Down Under in 1867. A few years later (the exact date is unknown – some say 1871, others 1874), Rikinosuke Sakuragawa, an acrobat touring Melbourne with another troupe, married an Australian woman and they settled in Queensland, where their descendants remain today.