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ベロ👅にヴェロ🚴 (A Taste for Cycling)

Cycling is one of Kangaeroo’s great loves.

And so is chocolate.

It’s rare when the two meet, though it’s not unfair to claim that the prospect of guilt-free gluttony of chocolate is a motivating factor for Kangaeroo’s cycling.

But in this week when chocolate assumes center stage in Japan, it was a delight to come across cycling chocolate sets.

It was this great delight that Kangaeroo managed to come across the sets, which are selling for a measly 184 yen apiece (for a boxed package of five decent-sized chockies!)

The sets contain chocolates in the shape of a bicycle, a bike bell, a helmet, bottle and pump.

Kangaeroo found the bike chockies at World Import Foods in both Tama Center and in Seisekisakuragaoka.

The World Import Stores are a mostly suburban Tokyo series of stores that have great bargains on imported foods.

They are made in Germany and pleasantly packaged with multilingual instructions, suggesting they are prepared with the expectation of a significant ratio of exports.

They often offer great deals on foods running close to use-by dates, so it’s possible to score yummies at a mere fraction of the price.

Definitely one of Kangaeroo’s favorite haunts in the area, but expanding the bottom line for World Import Stores is dangerous for the Kangaeroo waistline.