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Indigenous Aussies and Strine 先住民と豪語

Indigenous Australians have contributed richly to language on a global scale. This is especially through the names of creatures such as the kangaroo, koala, wombat, wallaby and dingo, all of which were originally Indigenous Australian words, but now used everywhere English is spoken, as well as being incorporated into other languages, including Japanese.



The Strine Why Atorkin: Natchrule Strine

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It was getting close to Chrissie, which prompted me to chuck a sickie. I was still in the nuddy, so I slipped on some grundies. I went to light up a durry, but I’d run out and had to have a rollie. It was perfect weather and I wondered if the blokes from out Woop-Woop would be into having a barbie and lairing it up with me in Brizzie, the Big Smoke.

The Strine Why Atorkin: 日本語


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クリスマスが近いから、仮病を使って仕事サボってずる休みしようかな。まだ、素っ裸だったからパンツを穿いた。タバコ吸おうと思ったけどいつものが切らしていたので、自分で巻くしかなかった。クッキーをつまんで、コーヒーを一杯、それが朝食。天気は最高だったから、かっぺの友達が 都会的なブリスベーンに遊びに来て俺と一緒にバーベキューやるかなと思った。