A Sobering Thought or Two

January 7 is a landmark date in Kangaeroo’s life.

The foundation stone of his life was laid on that date.

There’s no real need to go into details.

Everything started from there, and the foundation is the bedrock for living to this day.

Times are not great for many ordinary people anywhere nowadays. Most, probably.

But on a broad scale, they are not too bad for Kangaeroo.

If nothing else, Kangaeroo has health.

Physical life began a long time earlier.

But that alone was not sufficient.

Mental and spiritual wellbeing were missing.

They are largely here now….for the most part. Well, sometimes. Maybe not the mental side! But life is better than it ever was before. Would be even better with stable employment if anybody in the void out there ever hears this or makes it this far.

Incidentally, if I ever find the prick who stole the bar mitts off my wife’s bike, I will throttle them.