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Cold, Wet and Dark

Doesn’t get any more archetypically Monday than today….cold, wet, dark and bleak.

Kangaeroo wasn’t too keen on getting out on the bike with a huge day ahead.

But it was precisely because the day promises to be demanding that dragged him out in the end.

Rain had been forecast, but the prediction was that it would be intermittent and not heavy.

That was exactly what happened.

Rather than hit the dark bike path where many people dress in black and are hard to see at the clearest of times, Kangaeroo decided to stay on the main roads, which were hard enough to navigate in the dark and wet.

Couple of big meetings today, potentially life-changing, and a reunion tonight with old workmates.

Worried sick about the dinosaur: she is due to lay, but producing nothing and sticking to the bottom of her cage. No chance to take her to a vet today, so praying for the best. Will keep an eye peeled, though.