Daily Life


Spring has well and truly hit and an unexpectedly wonderful day full of sunshine has the Kangaeroo Corner garden and its Aussie plants poised to explode into color as one tree after another buds.

Jacaranda leaves are sprouting.


And the native hops are ready to show their funny flowers.

Dodonea viscosa (native hops)

At least the most fragile hairpin banksia is growing for sure.

Hairpin banksia

I suspect the more settled hairpin banksia is growing, too.

I wish this would grow faster and give me greater confidence that it is, in fact, growing.

The coastal banksia is also growing, albeit with some disconcerting yellowing of its leaves.

And the garden’s big star, the grevillea, is right on track.

Perhaps the biggest delight may come from the pin cushion protea, a selection by Mrs. Kangaeroo.

The flowers can’t quickly enough!