Daily Life

Decidedly Unpheasant

Having passed a lot of Japanese green pheasants along the Tama River in the past couple of weeks, I decided to burden myself with a cumbersome camera.

Of course, I got almost no sight of the avian creatures!

That’s not quite true: I saw plenty of pheasants, and heard even more, but wasn’t close enough in most cases to get a good shot.

It was bleak and overcast when I left home, and I noticed scattered rain.

My pedals (I think) are giving me trouble, too.

With my inability to find a new job, it’s adding to my constant stream of worries.

I’m sure that those concerns will never disappear.

If I don’t have something to worry about, I worry.

I’m so full of fear and bereft of hope, but need to keep going on.

Things brightened toward the end of the ride.

Once again I continued to be blessed by the view of the yaezakura along the Hodokubo River.

They won’t last much longer than this week.

Forecast rain seemed likely to arrive while on the ride, but now, a couple of hours later, the skies are blue and it looks like a glorious day ahead.

Why do I feel so rotten? Why does it never change? Where is the way out? Is there one?

I’m full of nastiness and unleashed invective when given a chance this morning. I have to speak at a meeting tonight and share my experience with people I can’t rely on. I wonder whether that has much to do with why I feel so rotten?