Daily Life

Final Blossoming

Cherry blossoms are about to end their blooming season in Tokyo and I was luck enough to cop a few shots of them on my morning’s ride.

The photos I took this morning were of yaezakura, the late-blooming, multi-layered blossoms whose appearance follows the peak of the hanami flower-viewing period symbolized by the someiyoshino flowers for which Japan is perhaps best known.

Now I am waiting for more blooms in Kangaeroo Corner.

I can see that we should get some azalea in the next few days.

And I am absolutely thrilled at the way the bottlebrush is shaping up with dozens of branches looking likely to bloom.

Our ever-concerning banksia also seem to be moving forward at an agonizingly slow pace, which is apparently the norm for the iconic plant.

But I am increasingly worried about our Little Prince protea, which shows no signs of being alive to me, much to the chagrin of Mrs. Kangaeroo whenever I mention it to her.

Later in the day, I was surprised to find that a recruiter was still considering me for a position I thought (and know) was long gone.

It would kick-start a weird day as I had to once again give up a daytime ride, this time to go and buy dinosaur food.

Poor Mrs. Kangaeroo has come down with a cold. And it looks like I am getting it too, now.