Unknown Nichigo

Tour de Kagoshima-Kyoto Day -1A: Tama Hills to Haneda

Mount Fuji overlooks the Tama River in Kawasaki

Kangaeroo started a epic journey on the morning of September 29.

Leaving the United States Air Force Tama Hills Recreation Reserve in Inagi, Kangaeroo hit the Tamagawa Cycling Road.

The bike track follows the Tama River to its mouth at Tokyo Bay, leading directly to Haneda Airport.

From Haneda, it was a several-hour wait before heading to Kagoshima on the wonderful Solaseed Air, which was cheap and efficient.

Brommie was packed into a bag with an assortment of items and the trip ended safely. 

The day started a Tama Hills Recreation Center, which had once been an arsenal for the Imperial Japanese Army. Covered by a canopy, the arsenal was never discovered by Allied forces during World War II and parts remain unchanged to this day, creating a preserved forest less than 30 minutes from central Tokyo.