Daily Life

Feast of Flowers

There’s much to love about Tokyo in May–long, warm days with little rain (for the most part), lots of greenery and things settle down after the hectic early months of spring when much of the country starts and ends the business year. Little, though, can beat the delight that the month’s flowers bring. For me, at least.

Of course, the real stars of the Japanese spring flora are the cherry blossoms, wisteria and azaleas as the main players, but they’re usually gone by the time May hits its straps in the middle of the month (and there are plenty of other flowers that bloom beautifully, too, I’ve got to note).

But having an Aussie native plants garden means the warmth and sunlight of the year’s fifth month invites the flora from a drier warmer climate to thrive.

And that’s what’s happened this year, with the bottlebrush flowering magnificently and now the grevillea hitting full bloom. The pleasure these flowers are bringing is immense.

And this morning, we got a new gift in the form of the willow bottlebrush giving us a flower for the first time in two years!

The kangaroo paw I am so desperate to see are almost there. But they’re an entirely new story.