Bumping Into the Candyman

The dagashi-ya bike

Today was supposed to be a day for a new beginning.

It was: just not the way it was meant to turn out.

After today, Kangaeroo will be bigger and bolder.

Rather than in a metaphorical sense, though, it will be a literal increase in size following a day of comfort eating to try to feel a bit better and then to compensate after gorging.

An early rise was supposed to spark a trip downtown, but instead saw a return to bed.

A day dedicated to seeking professional options was utterly fruitless and ended in a bitterly depressive downward spiral.

Eventually, Kangaeroo built up enough motivation to get out on the Death Machine.

But, upon trying to pump up the tires, wrecked a valve and had to change the tire instead.

As always, riding made a difference, and doubly so with the Death Machine and its added adrenalin shot of one’s demise being imminent throughout the entire ride.

The ride provided the day’s highlight, coming across a group of guys traversing the Tama River cycling road with a portable dagashi candy store on the back of their bike, It proved a popular attraction for the young kids enjoying their New Year holiday.

Arriving home, it was dark and bleak and lonely.

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