Chocka Quokka

Quokka took center stage today as the Kangaeroos hopped over to Saitama Children’s Zoo to see the little marsupials.

The zoo’s Quokka Island is chokka quokka, including a joey born in late January.

Quokkas have become something of an Internet meme after a photo showing one of the little fellers with a huge grin went viral a few years back.

The only place to see a quokka in Japan is at the Saitama Children’s Zoo.

Mrs. Kangaeroo has a stuffed toy quokka and yearned for years to see one, so dragged me out of bed and off to deepest, darkest Saitama.

It was a magical day and more will follow tomorrow, centering on a huge gallery of Aussie animals.

When we’d finished at the zoo, it was a quick rush over to garden and cafe prunus in nearby Higashi Matsuyama for a scrumptious afternoon tea (served with a sprig of wattle, Australia’s national flower!)

All in all, a magnificent day, a national holiday because of the Emperor’s Birthday.

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