Japanese Kangaroos

F.R.O. 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, Kangaeroo will be glad to see the back of it.

There was plenty to be grateful for: a happy marriage, closer relationships with children, excellent friends, a life filled with love, family reunions, delightful garden, a full year of employment, generally good health.

For all of these, I am deeply thankful.

There was much about the year that was extremely satisfying, and I am filled with thanks for that, too.

But overall, 2022 was a year of loss. It is been, and remains, an excruciatingly painful time, despite all of the above.

One loss that didn’t occur in 2022 was hope. Although Kangaeroo is angry, bitter and resentful, mainly due to fear, there is hope that better things lie on the horizon.

May 2023 bring a new outlook on dealing with loss and fear that amplifies those losses so they seem more important than they are.

And may all those associated with Kangaeroo in any way at all be able to see the joys that took place in 2022 and thrive in the coming year. Love and best wishes to all!

(But 2022 can fuck right off!)