Unknown Nichigo

Hello Cello, Watch Out Aussies! 2CELLOS Are Headed Your Way

Japan has given a final farewell to the 2CELLOS, the amazing duo of cellists on a world tour they have promised will be their last.

Stjepan Hauser and Luka Šulić are already on their way Down Under, where they will play a series of shows before a final performance together in Auckland, New Zealand, on December 4.

As a jam-packed Nippon Budokan attested, this pair are Big in Japan in a totally unironic sense.

They’ve brought great delight to music fans of many genre all around the world for over a decade and the tour will bring an end to their collaboration (though it’s hard to see this being permanent…)

2CELLOS played a setlist of just over 20 songs with tunes ranging from classics to hard rock with a heavy emphasis on popular tunes, most of them from decades long past.

And many Aussies will be pleased by the Acca Dacca-heavy setlist, most notably a dazzling instrumental performance of Thunderstruck, which has become something of a symbol of the duo’s shows.

Other artists covered included the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, U2, Nirvana and the White Stripes.

Cellos probably aren’t an instrument that comes to mind when thinking of a rollicking good time on stage, but Hauser and Luka put on an energetic show, with the former in particular unleashing a dynamic performance.

After a flawless, 2-hour performance, 2CELLOS gave a moving, poignant rendition of Hallelujah (accompanied by the crowd waving mobile phone lights to create a magical light show). This ended up being a final goodbye to a country that has long supported the pair’s career and both artists individually.

This was in spite of the audience clapping and demanding one last encore for more than 10 minutes after the pair had left the Budokan stage, using their mobile phones to film the audience and waving as they departed.

All in all, a fantastic show where the performers clearly enjoyed being with the audience and a wonderful way for them to say sayonara.