Daily Life

Warm in the Winter

Dino the dinosaur is no slouch in finding a warm place in the winter, which is a handy trait when you’re a rosy faced lovebird.

She huddles up next to her heaters, on the nest she builds out of the strips of paper she so dexterously rips off with her beak, or nestles in the nape of Kangaeroo’s neck, or in the sleeve of his cardy.

Rest assured, though, where it’s warm and comfortable in Kangaeroo Corner, there’s a good chance you’ll find Dino.

It’s reassuring to have her in the cardigan sleeve as I type, to be honest (even though she’ll probably poop there, too).

She laid eggs recently: three of them.

And before the first one came out, she gave us a pretty big scare, as noted last week.

But, motherly duties over, she’s now back to her co-dependent best, if not quite as chirpy as she can be. And she never fails to find the warmth, so it’s good to be close to her at the traditionally coldest time of the year.