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An artist's rendition of a Qantassaurus, Australia's dinosaur named after an airline
An artist’s rendition of a Qantassaurus, Australia’s dinosaur named after an airline
The Spirit of Australia, the flying…dinosaur?
Australia’s fauna is unique, and that trend may even extend back hundreds of millions of years to the Cretaceous period, at least in terms of naming patterns.
One of the few known endemic Australian dinosaurs was discovered only recently; 1996, to be precise.

And it was promptly given a good old Aussie name of Qantassaurus…a moniker honoring something archetypally prehistoric — an airline.
Qantas, in fact. Australia’s one-time national carrier.
Australia’s Qantas, of course, is renowned for having the enviable record of being the only major carrier never to have had a fatal crash.
Less well-known is the fact that it has also given its name to what is probably Australia’s most famous dinosaur.
SpiritofAustraliaQantas was chosen as the dinosaur’s name, by the way, because the airline had been shipping fossils around Australia during the early 1990s, as well as sponsoring archeological digs.
The Spirit of Australia, the flying kangaroo, meanwhile, refers to the advertising jingle the carrier used for decades, as well as its livery featuring an airborne version of Australia’s national animal.
 ところで、上記の「オーストラリアの魂であり、飛んでるカンガルー」の意味について、数十年間カンタスが広告かうたい文句や飛行機のカラーリングまで使った表現Spirit of Australia, the Flying Kangarooの直訳だった。