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‘Single Men Only?’ – Early Japanese Migration to Oz 日本人の豪州への初期移民は「独身男性限定」?

知られざる日豪関係のルーツ What You Didn’t Know about Australia-Japan Relations

A 19th century Japanese pearl diver in Australia

Japanese immigration to Australia in the 19th century differed to other parts of the Japanese diaspora.


More than 90% of Japanese migrants to Australia before 1901 were men, nearly all of who were single. Japanese heading to the Americas were either married there, often to picture brides from Japan in North America, or moved to South America as families.


In Australia, though, Japanese men worked in the pearling or sugar cane industries, or harvested turtle, trochus and trepang in Townsville, especially, and Broome. Japan’s first consulate in Australia opened in Townsville in 1896. Nearly all of the few Japanese women in Australia at this time were karayuki, women sent overseas from Japan to act as prostitutes for Japanese laborers.


Australian independence from Britain and enactment of the White Australia Policy in 1901 virtually eliminated Japanese migration. There were about 4,000 Japan-born people in Australia at this time.


Rules for Japanese were relaxed slightly through pressure from Britain because of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance formed in 1902. But the Townsville consulate closed in 1908.


Large-scale Japanese immigration to Australia effectively ceased. Several decades passed before it resumed.


Incidentally, in contrast to the male-dominated early Japanese migration to Australia in the 19th century, most Japanese moving to Australia in the 21st century are overwhelmingly young women.


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