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「やばいリンガル」 Waffle


In other English-speaking countries, there’s a high likelihood waffles may appear on a breakfast menu, but if you began waffling from first thing in the morning in Strine, Australian English, you might find yourself becoming unpopular fairly quickly. Keep reading to find out why.

「やばいリンガル」 Wobbly


Something a little shaky is “wobbly” in most forms of English, but wobbly takes on a different meaning when used in Strine, Australian English. Read on to find out how.

「やばいリンガル」 Sport


Australia is undoubtedly a sporting power, but sport in Strine, or Australian English, has a completely different meaning compared to when the word is used in other forms of English. Read on to find out how.



Australian English, or Strine, can be more dangerous than British or U.S. English at times. A seemingly innocent word in one place can cause great misunderstanding in another, and “stuffed” is a case in point.


 A knock is a slight bump or tap for most of the English-speaking world, but gains additional meaning in Strine, or Australian English. Read on to find out what that is.